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What Is HTTPS and Why Do I Need It?

HTTPS or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is the latest endeavour by Google to make the Internet a more secure place. Previously, standard URLs had only HTTP without the ‘S’. Nowadays, however, it is important for all URLs to have the ‘S’ added to them. So what is HTTPS and why is it so important […]

Top Website Security Tools to Try Out Today

  These days, millions of people around the world have their own blogs or company websites which they use to share information, market and sell wares, provide customer service and much more. These sites are useful in a wide variety of ways and bring many benefits. However, websites are vulnerable to hacker attack, particularly smaller […]

How to create a hack-proof password for your website

Passwords have become a part of our lives. Anything you on the Internet requires a password. Of course, it makes sense given the increasing instances of cyber attacks. With websites getting hacked in a variety of ways, having a hack-proof password for your website is very important. Generic passwords like abcd1234, 123456, your mother’s maiden […]

Why Use HTTPS on Your Website

If you have surfed the Internet long enough, you must have observed that most URLs begin with “http://”. You must have also noticed that some URLs begin with “https://”. So what does this extra “s” signify? In simple words, the extra “s” signifies that you are connecting to the website in a secure manner and […]

Protecting Your Website From Cyber Threats

In the age of big data and the Internet of Things, cyber security has once again become a top priority for businesses and organisations with an online presence. Nowadays, nearly every business, from UK email-marketing companies to Indian R&D groups, has a website and content management systems like WordPress make web hosting and web design […]

3 security flaws that could kill your WordPress site

WordPress has become an enormously popular blogging and website platform thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. However, this popularity can have its downsides. Insecure WordPress websites are an obvious target for hackers and other cybercriminals. If you’re not using WordPress managed hosting or an external developer then your knowledge is all that lies […]