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How to Choose the Right UK Web Hosting?

With numerous UK web hosting services and packages available in the market, choosing the right hosting provider can be extremely difficult to choose. It all depends on your current hosting needs and how you would want your business to grow in the future. Here are some things you can do when searching for a UK […]

9 ways to check the credibility of your web hosting service

A reputable web host is concerned about the ongoing provision of their hosting services. They understand that when customers’ websites go down, they look bad. Their email, forums and live chat light up with customer service complaints and they’re going to have as bad a day as their customers are. There are different ways to […]

Does Your Web Hosting Affect Your SEO?

SEO is all about getting even the smallest detail right. One such detail that’s usually ignored is the choice of web host. Normally, it comes last in the list of priorities when people build a website. The sort of hosting service you use can play a big role in your search engine rankings. The sort […]

Why free web hosting is actually costly!

Although the saying that “the best things in life are free” is a salient expression that is exhibited in everyday living, there are certain scopes and fields where the assertion simply doesn’t hold water; and in no other scope is the statement anymore false than in web hosting. If you have finally completed a web […]

How To Speed Up WordPress Websites

When talking about website speed, a lot of publishers – WordPress user or not – will argue that it is indeed an important factor that has to be sustained consistently for the reason that it can directly impact the users experience. Its effect is so huge that in fact, 40% of internet users said that […]

3 reasons why using UK web hosting is key

Whether you are a hobby blogger who uses WordPress for fun or a UK business owner who relies on it for their main online presence, using a UK-based web host is essential. While at first it may seem that the worldwide nature of the web makes this academic, nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Website performance and how a quality web host can help

When purchase web hosting, it may seem like you’re just renting its hosting facility for the temporary habitation of your website’s content and document; however, in reality, you’re also employing their expertise to provide you with top-notch technical assistance for every server related issue your web platform may develop. Websites are technological innovations that are […]

3 benefits of using WordPress managed hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to build a professional-looking, easy-to-maintain website with. If you are thinking of setting up a website using this excellent platform then choosing a managed hosting solution is a wise move. We take a look at the 3 best reasons to go this route when thinking about your […]