Why Use HTTPS on Your Website

If you have surfed the Internet long enough, you must have observed that most URLs begin with “http://”. You must have also noticed that some URLs begin with “https://”. So what does this extra “s” signify?

In simple words, the extra “s” signifies that you are connecting to the website in a secure manner and that any data you enter on the site is encrypted to ensure it is shared with the website safely. SSL is the technology behind HTTPS.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer
So why should you use HTTPS on your website? Let’s explore some important reasons why.

HTTPS Helps Keep Intruders Away
As a website owner, you must protect every website you own with HTTPS, especially if you handle sensitive data. HTTPS ensures that intruders can’t tamper with the communication between your site and browsers of your users.

Intruders come in many forms – hackers, malicious attackers and even legitimate companies that are highly intrusive such as hotels/ISPs that may inject adverts. For instance, someone could inject ads on your site that could spoil the user experience and even lead to security flaws. They could even trick users to share sensitive information.

HTTPS Helps Protect Your Users’ Privacy
When your site is unprotected, it is exposed. Any information that your users share on your site could be exploited by intruders.

HTTPS ensures that intruders cannot passively listen to the communication between your site and your visitors. Even if your site does not handle sensitive data, it helps to secure it with HTTPS. Intruders could exploit unprotected HTTP connections to find information about identity and behavior of your visitors.

HTTPS is Good for SEO
Google wants to offer the best experience to searchers. To that end, it has been amending its algorithm constantly. What happens when Google ranks two sites equally for a search query? What would be the tie-breaker here?

Yes, there would be. And it’s HTTPS.

If every other quality signal is equal for two sites, the site with HTTPS might get an extra boost to overtake the other.

Secure in Search Results
If your website handles sensitive data, it is mandatory to secure it with HTTPS. Else, your site would show as unsecure in the results pages. This could have a small yet significant impact on your traffic and conversions.

In Conclusion
There you go. If you want to offer users a safe and secure experience while cementing your SEO further, then HTTPS is the way to go.



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