How Does Blogging Help Improve Your Search Rankings?

Does blogging help with SEO? That’s a question every business owner wants a solid answer to.
Google, as you already know, has pretty much an answer to any question you might have. For a lot of people, Google is the first place they visit when they want information about anything.

This means that irrespective of the type of website you are running, if you want people to find your site, you must show up in the search engine results pages. But that’s not an easy feat!

Starting a blog is a great way to launch your way into the search engines. Having a blog does not boost your ranks. Blogging helps with SEO because it aids in a variety of aspects that are crucial to search rankings.

When you update your blog regularly with posts that offer valuable information and covers topics that are hugely relevant to users’ search queries, it could make a big difference to your site’s performance in the search engines.

Here’s how.

Stay Fresh
If you’ve ever been on a site that hasn’t been updated in ages, you have already lost trust in the website. Perhaps the company has gone out of business or the information could be no longer current and relevant.

Google likes to provide content that’s fresh and updated. When your website is updated regularly, it’s a sign that your content is fresh. Search engines are a lot more interested in websites with fresh content than outdated ones.

Long Tail Keywords
SEO is a hugely competitive space, no matter the industry you are trying to rank in.

So if you are trying to rank for the most relevant keyword, it’d be a huge challenge.

That’s where long-tail keywords can come really handy. But it’s difficult to use long-tail keywords on the home page and in product descriptions. Your blog offers a great opportunity to optimise for these long tail keywords.

For instance, if you are selling, baby products, you could offer information on search phrases such as “what is the best baby shampoo?” or “things you need for a newborn baby”.

Sure, these phrases might not bring as much traffic as your primary keyword, “baby products”, but they are still relevant to your target audience, and if you can reach on the top spot, you’ll land up with more traffic than if you are ranking on page 7 for your primary keywords.

Internal Linking
Backlinks are an important part of SEO. And generating internal links is very easy as you are the one building them.

Every time you post a new blog, be sure to link back to one of your previous posts. You could even link back to your homepage or any other pages from your main site. And once you become consistent at blogging, you will be opening up the floodgates.


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