The Top 6 Elements of a High Quality Website

Every marketer wants to build a high quality website brings traffic, engages users and delivers high conversions. So what sets a good website from a bad one?

The content!

That’s right. High quality content is the basis of a high quality website. When you publish original content that serves a purpose and provides value to the readers, it will attract the search engine crawlers thereby improving your rankings. Your visitors will love the information and would be better poised to convert.

Let’s take a look at the important elements of high quality content.

The search engines no longer simply look for keywords when ranking a site. They analyse the topic and look for context and relevance of the topic to a given search query. Aim to develop content with the users in mind and not just for SEO.

A page that has typos, spelling mistakes and grammar errors is not likely to offer the best user experience. So why would search engines show up such a page on the top of their SERPs? On the contrary, Google, Bing and Yahoo tend to penalise such content. Be sure to read your copy at least twice before publishing it. If need be, engage an editor to proofread the content for you.

Visual Content
Blogs and pages are more engaging and interactive for your visitors when you have videos and images. Websites that have more images tend to rank better. Be sure to include pictures or a video for every new section of your blog posts.

Length of Text
Websites that have long-form content tend to rank on the top tier of the search engine results. From the audience’s perspective, the ideal length of a blog post is around 1500 words. From the SEO perspective, the ideal length is 2000 words and more.

A piece of text is readable when it is easy to read and understand. That’s the mark of a high quality page. In fact, pages that rank high are easy to read. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Avoid clutter in your text. Avoid overusing adjectives/adverbs. Use active verb forms instead.

Your expertise is a determining factor when it comes high quality content. Users are looking for content from experts that provide an in-depth explanation. Be sure to write detailed posts that are in-depth.

In Conclusion
If you can’t find the time to create high quality content for your website, consider hiring a copywriter. As your web design agency in Leeds, we can help create high quality content for your website. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


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