3 reasons why using UK web hosting is key

Whether you are a hobby blogger who uses WordPress for fun or a UK business owner who relies on it for their main online presence, using a UK-based web host is essential. While at first it may seem that the worldwide nature of the web makes this academic, nothing could be further from the truth. […]

3 security flaws that could kill your WordPress site

WordPress has become an enormously popular blogging and website platform thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. However, this popularity can have its downsides. Insecure WordPress websites are an obvious target for hackers and other cybercriminals. If you’re not using WordPress managed hosting or an external developer then your knowledge is all that lies […]

Collect.Chat WordPress Chatbot Plugin

Collect.chat is the world’s simplest chatbot builder. You can build chatbots for your WordPress site in a matter of minutes using the drag and drop templates. Now you can convert your visitors into customers, grow email lists and schedule appointments with these automated chatbots. They run 24×7 and make collect data seamlessly giving a delightful […]

Top 5 WordPress Plugins Any Freelancer Can’t Live Without

It’s a foregone conclusion that the backbone of anyone’s successful freelancing is a fully operational website. One can spend long hours in front of the computer screen making the website eye-catchy and still get really pissed off seeing another ad popping up. Being a freelancer means that you have your time and hands untied to […]

What are the basic features of web hosting plan?

Every business entity offering products and services through its website must select a hosting plan that will meet the company’s requirement not just in terms of the basic necessities like disc space, storage capacity, bandwidth, uptime, cost, root access, to name just a few, but it should also be able to upgrade to a higher […]

How to Use SMTP Server to Send WordPress Emails

Are you having trouble receiving or sending emails from your WordPress site? One solution for that is to use third party email services such as Mailgun. However, these services will cost you extra money. In this article, we will show you how to use a SMTP server to send WordPress emails. The Problem with WordPress […]